Kelly Watts Osteopathy in Buxton

Reviews before August 2018

" I am more than happy with the treatment I have received from Kelly Watts. She is a very capable and knowledgeable osteopath with a sensitive response to each client's needs. I have visited her a number of times for help with painful muscle/skeletal problems, for which Kelly has found practical solutions and given swift comfort. I find the hands-on approach of osteopathy much more effective than physiotherapy alone, and it gives relief that painkillers cannot, as well as helping me to find ways to become more mobile safely."
Diana Walkden, July 2018 Google Review Trustpilot Review

"After having knee pain from hiking I went to see Kelly with my concerns .. I found her extremely friendly and put me at ease instantly . The treatment and advice was top class and after three sessions I recently finished the Yorkshire 3 peaks ( 25 mile) virtually pain free! Very happy!
I highly recommend Kelly , not only for her knowledge and skills but also her
Lovely demeanour"
Chris P, July 2018 Yell Review

"Kelly is very good at her job She is professional and friendly and makes you feel very much at ease. She is a good listener so understands problems fully in order to be most effective with her help. I went to her with severe neck pain and the treatment I had has been very beneficial. She is very good with follow up advice about supplements or ointments which could help and have proved to be very good in my case She also gives advice on appropriate exercise plans as part of her service if you would find that helpful. I would definitely recommend Kelly"
Judy Gore, June 2018 Google Review

"Kelly is aproachable and professional,
I had no choice to take my 2 young daughters who were welcomed by her i felt relaxed and at ease.
After the first treatment my pain eased and after the second i feel alot better,alongside this
I have a treatment plan of stretches kelly emailled me and has followed up my progress which i feel is more than she has to do.
Would definetly reccomend her.
Easily accesable in buxton town centre within a friendly local hairdressers."
Maddie Markowska, June 2018 Google Review

" I was referred to Kelly by my PT following a series of issues with my hips, legs and core region.

I have visited her four times and found her to be really approachable, good at listening and understanding and excellent at explaining what the situation is. She also has a great sense of humour which makes a huge difference when you are suffering with pain and/or discomfort.

After understanding your situation, she then applies herself to various forms of treatment to ease the condition and recommends exercises to complete in your own time.

After seeing her through the month of May and into June I am in a much better place after following her advice and having the treatments. I will have no hesitation in going back to her should I need to, despite it being a 45 minute drive for me from home. "
Bob Atkinson, June 2018 Trustpilot Review

"Hobbled in and walked out, very clever lady!"
Mike Finch, June 2018 Trustpilot Review

"Kelly has treated me on a few occasions over the last 3 years and each time the results have been fantastic. After paying for sessions with other osteopaths who lived closer to home, I was still none the wiser about what was causing my excruciating back pain. One visit to Kelly and the results were amazing; I had a diagnosis, immediate reduction in pain and it was followed up by a clear exercise plan that was emailed to me. I couldn't ask for more and would highly recommend Kelly."
Leanne Labrow, May 2018 Google Review

"Kelly had treated me a couple of times when she worked alongside Mr Hutson and I went a couple of weeks ago and she was as professional as usual. She looked through my notes and listened as to where the main pain was and asked about any secondary problems. Don`t put up with the pain -go to Kelly!"
Jonathan Bradwell, May 2018 Trustpilot Review

"Great treatment and very professional. Fitted me in at short notice aswell. Would highly recommend her great treatment and great follow up aswell"
Nathan Scott, May 2018 Trustpilot Review

"Kelly is a very likeable person,and extremely profecient.In her field she must be one of the best.From my personal experience,I recommend her unreservedly to anyone needing her help. Theo"
Theodore Rofer, May 2018 Google Review

"Kelly is very attentive after osteopathy i always feel much better and more relaxed both physically and mentally. Would recommend her to anyone who has problems with tight muscles."
Deividas Krukonis, May 2018 Trustpilot Review

"Kelly fit me in last minute after being in agony with my back. She was really professional and explained things to me about the treatment and my area of pain. I would recommend Kelly to anyone in the future, she did an amazing job.
Thank you so much, I really appreciate you fitting me in and helping me out."
Lottie Coleman, May 2018 Trustpilot Review

"I really enjoy my visits to Kelly even though I am usually in a lot of pain. She is able to quickly identify the problem and gets to work on it straight away. She is very knowledgeable in her field and can put my mind at rest. She is very professional but at the same is extremely personable with a good ‘bedside manner’ and we usually laugh our way through my treatment. Kelly offers the full package with appointment confirmations and reminders and a selections of exercises sheets to aid recovery. I feel lucky to have found Kelly and know that she will get me back in working order in no time at all."
Ann Bailey, April 2018 Google Review

"Having had back, hip and knee pain and stiffness on and off for years and had a few physio sessions with little effect.Visited Kelly earlier this year with severe hip and back pain after 3 treatments I have been free of pain for weeks Thank you Kelly."
Jane, April 2018 Google Review Yell Review

David Jones, April 2018 Google Review

"Kelly saw me very quickly and after 1 session I immediately noticed that my ankle pain was lessened. 1 week later after a follow up session I was pain free. I continue to do the exercises she gave me and have no further problems. I would highly recommend Kelly."
Linda Jackson, April 2018 Google Review

"Would recommend Kelly unreservedly
I have visited Kelly for osteopathy treatment over a number of years, having had back problems for 30 years.
It has helped considerably with both addressing acute current problems, and planning strategies to self help prevent further issues.
I find her professional expertise of great assistance in my multiple back, shoulder and hip problems.
I find her hands on manipulation treatment of great benefit to me in my goal of being as active as possible, and pain free.
Her personable, relaxed and friendly manner makes for a comfortable treatment environment.
I would certainly recommend Kelly to anyone seeking help with back and postural challenges."
Tricia Shaw, March 2018 Trustpilot Review

"I came to Kelly for treatment on my neck and shoulder and the relief after your help has been amazing, I am pain free again. I am carrying on with the stretches which you emailed and they are keeping it moving freely and painlessly.
Thank you Kelly I thoroughly recommend you."
Sally Armitt, March 2018 Google Review

"Kelly has worked wonders on my back and after only six sessions I am virtually pain free.
She also diagnosed my granddaughters shoulder problem without even seeing her, and after two sessions she is now pain free.
Excellent service and a very friendly person.
Well worth the cost."
Alma Bould, February 2018 Trustpilot Review

"Very professional and she worked wonders on my back and neck thankyou Kelly."
Keith Oxley, January 2018 Trustpilot Review

"I have suffered with lower back pain on and off for many years, and have been one of Kelly's clients for the last couple of years. I cannot recommend her enough, brilliant treatment and very personable. I have recommended her several times, and will continue to do so."
Diane Oxtoby, January 2018 Google Review

"Kelly responded really quickly to me when I put my back out on Christmas Day morning (good timing!) The treatment has worked really well and her follow up e mails suggesting exercises to improve my back strength have been very useful. I appreciate her professional approach and her immediate attention."
Angela Crawford, January 2018 Google Review

"Hi Kelly, hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.
I do try to do the stretch exercises when possible they must be helping as I feel O.k. So no back issues at the moment,the chair cushion as you suggested is very good too. I will make an appointment for a check up probably around mid February see you then.
Best Regards Andy."
Andy, January 2018 Google Review

"I found the help I had from Kelly with my wrist pain and my back pain wonderful. She listened and gave me the time I needed and addressed my problems exactly as I had described. I felt a significant reduction in pain after two sessions and followed this up with exercises recommended by Kelly which have been great. I also noticed a complete return to full range of movements after just one session. Kelly has also been kind enough to send me follow up exercises by email and give me great advice on other ways to manage pain and prevent a return to previous problems. Many thanks"
Jane Price, January 2018 Google Review

"I feel sooo! lucky that I found Kelly and am now under her professional care. I would definitely recommend her."
Christine Pilkington, January 2018 Google Review

"Kelly has used her skills to make a huge difference to problems I had with tightness in tendons and ligaments in my leg and my arthritic ankle. I have had much less pain and have been walking much better since she treated me. Also she worked wonders on my back when I had a displaced vertebrae. I would not hesitate to recommend her."
Louise Buckley, January 2018 Google Review

"Excellent Service! I’ve attended 7 sessions with Kelly & found her to be exceptionally personable, professional & thorough with treating my problems. She has gone above & beyond my expectations with also giving advice & investigating other causes so treating my condition as a whole which many practitioners fail to do. I’ve seen 4 physiotherapists prior to this treatment & had not progressed at all. Within the first 3 sessions Kelly had performed tests, recorded the results & aided with with informing my GP. My symptoms definitely improved & continue to do so."
Clare Fletcher, December 2018 Trustpilot Review Google Review Yell Review

"Knowledgeable and professional.
I have suffered from chronic back problems for many years and have found Kelly to be thorough and very knowledgeable. I trust her 100% to take the best course of action."
Fran Smee, December 2017 Trustpilot Review

"Kelly did a wonderful job of fixing my wayward (painful) ribs and generally straightened my frame. I was impressed at her fast diagnosis and the care she took to make sure I was comfortable and back to normal as soon as possible."
Sally, December 2017 Trustpilot Review

"Very pleased with the expertise that Kelly dispensed during my treatment. She has a lovely sense of humour, is very caring and I can recommend her unreservedly. Will return again when in need. Probably sooner rather than later."
"Excellent. Kelly is very caring, demonstrating expertise, a professional approach with a very good sense of humour.
Can recommend unreservedly. "
Godfrey Hutchins, New Mills, October 2017 Google Review Trustpilot Review

"Absolutely fantastic.
I couldn't walk more than 100 meters without having to stop in pain with sciatica.
Two visits with Kelly. Wow what a difference. 👌👌👌".
Simon Harvey, October 2017 Google Review

"Very efficient at her job , No problems with my Shoulder since."
Steve Tuft, September 2017 Google Review

"The appointment was easy to arrange and the treatment was excellent. Short term pain for long term gain!!"
Bernard Wallwork, August 2017 Google Review

"I have been a client of Kelly's for several years, now, and have every intention of remaining one.
Over the years, I've suffered a number of back injuries, one of which resulted in damage to a disc, and others in severely torn muscles. For this reason, I attend her clinics on a regular basis for check-ups and treatment - and regard it as worth every penny.
As well as treating problems which I have noticed, she often spots trouble which has developed so insidiously that I am unaware of it, and corrects it before it gets out of hand.
I cannot speak too highly of her competence, courtesy and professionalism."
Jack, August 2017 Google Review

"I have had a bad back for over 20 years and since seeing Kelly I have seen a massive improvement."
Alan Clark, August 2017 Trustpilot Review

"I highly recommend Kelly her exercises and advice have been invaluable. Her therapies has enabled me to resume my hobbies and enhanced my lifestyle."
Rachel Parker, August 2017 Google Review

"Hi, Kelly, As far as I am concerned, you have given myself the most serious attention, to my condition, relieving me of an awful lot of pain, which comes from my back and knee, I have had very little attention from the NHS, especially as they refused to give me any sort of therapy after a recent fall, the result of this, I got in touch with you Kelly, because I have a lot of faith in you, as you have helped me in the past. I am now on the road to relief, knowing what you do is a relief to me, to be in so much less pain and is worth every penny. Kelly, you are a very conscientious person and a credit to your profession, thank you, Brenda Lloyd."
Brenda Lloyd, August 2017 Google Review

"I have no doubt that ( previous patients....) will be treated professionally by Kelly now and in the future. We have no hesitation in recommending Kelly to patients she will deliver a super service and will look after to the same professional standards. From a personal note Kelly has treated my family and myself in the past and will do so in the future.
My best wishes to Kelly for the future. "
Warren Hutson MSc Osteopathy, July 2017 Trustpilot Review

"Kelly has relieved my neck and shoulder pain many times over the last few years, providing immediate relief to my extreme discomfort. She takes the time to find out the cause of the pain and gives a thorough treatment. An excellent osteopath, would recommend her to anyone!"
Sheila, July 2017 Trustpilot Review

"Kelly has been very helpful both in terms of effective treatments given at the clinic and advice on exercises to do at home. She is friendly and professional and I would happily recommend her."
Hazel Robson July 2017 Google Review

"As a very amateur cyclist but generally quite fit man, for some reason I had been struggling to bend to put my shoes on, put my socks on etc. It was certainly getting very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. A friend recommended Kelly to me and I decided to put my usual skepticism aside. During my consultation, she was very friendly and put my obvious nervousness at ease. She diagnosed my problem and got straight to work. After my 30 minute treatment I could immediately feel the benefit with being able to bend a little further. I’ve now received two treatments and done the stretches she recommended and the results are amazing. I’m certainly a convert and would highly recommend Kelly!"
Noel Creary July 2017 Google Review

"I was having considerable pain in my back and down my left leg due to a sciatic problem. I was recommended to Kelly by a work colleague. I have had weekly treatments since the problem occurred in March this year and am now no longer in pain.
Kelly has been excellent and has helped me considerably with posture and back exercise, recommending various exercise routines that I can do at my desk and in my office.
She has been excellent in her treatment and I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Nick Kirk June 2017 Google Review

"I've visited Kelly twice with lower back pains and on both occasions she's made me feel at ease and very relaxed . Kelly is very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone ."
Gary Ward July 2017 Google Review

"Excellent professional treatment, Kelly has really helped me with my back and shoulder problem in two sessions. Also provided a follow on exercise plan Highly recommended."
Buzz Beesley June 2017 Google Review

"Kelly as been coming to see me at home now for a while, she is always at the end of the phone whenever I have neglected myself, nothing is to much trouble and she gets me back on a pain free road again, I always feel so comfortable around her and at ease, I Cannot express how miserable muscular pain can make you feel, please please if you have never tried a osteopath please do to be pain and painkiller free is priceless! This lady is worth her waiting gold, and the older I get I can't ever see me not having her in my life. 😀 Sheila age 50 x"
Sheila Geehan June 2017 Google Review

"After 30 yrs of an ongoing back problem managed with osteopathy , I had an acute episode and met Kelly for the first time. I was impressed by her thoroughness, professionalism and friendliness. Her treatment and ongoing supporting exercises have been immensely helpful and I would recommend her without question."
Jill Dean on 8 June 2017

"Kelly has been helping me manage a pain condition for the last year & my quality of life is much improved. Highly recommended & thoughtful Osteopath who puts her clients first. Very pleased."
Helen du Rose June 2017 Google Review

"I visited Kelly thinking I had a ligament problem with my knee but she quickly diagnosed it as a taut thigh muscle. I was very satisfied with the subsequent massage and manipulation and happy I did not need an operation. Would recommend Kelly to anyone."
Jim Court June 2017 Google Review

"Kelly was fantastic, she made me feel completely at ease and has helped my back, neck and shoulders to be far less painful. She has also improved my headaches. Thank you so much."
Amelia Faulkner May 2017 Google Review

"Kelly made me feel so welcome and at ease with my back problems ,could not recommend her enough,lovely woman who knows exactly what she is doing aswell as being able to have a laugh with her clients."
Alex Robinson June 2017 Google Review

"My back was getting stiffer and stiffer after a hard day in the garden.
A single session with Kelly made a huge difference, and the list of stretches she emailed afterwards have finished the process."
Dave 5th June 2017 Yell Review

"Kelly has treated me for two separate conditions over the last 4 years caused by tightened hamstrings due to historic ACL to my knee and on the first visit was able to alleviate the excruciating pain from a bulging disc. A few years later i suffered a problem with my neck and shoulder and tried other osteopaths in vain, i drove from Newcastle to Buxton to see as was desperate for the condition to be resolved. Kelly was again able to identify the problem and the relief was immediate. She is a miracle worker and i wouldn't go anywhere else now. Thanks Kelly! Simon."
Simon May 2017 Google Review

"Having suffered recurrent back problems and terrible pain, after 4 sessions with Kelly i am pain free and after 4 months i haven't had any recurrence of the back problems I've had for years. Fantastic osteopath."
DP April 2017 Yell Review

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