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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I see an osteopath, rather than my doctor?

Most people's first port of call is their GP when they have a problem. Osteopaths specialise in injuries and musculoskeletal pain so they should have more knowledge regarding your problem. Also, osteopaths will treat the issue rather than prescribe medication.

Who can have osteopathic treatment?

Treatment can be adapted to suit anybody.

Do I need to be referred by my doctor for an appointment?

No, most Osteopaths work privately. However I may advise you to contact your GP, depending on your condition.

I have had the same problem for years, can something be done?

Yes! Don't live with pain that can be either eliminated or decreased! The chances are that I can find out what has been causing and maintaining the problem and treat you. This will hopefully reduce the pain and possibly eliminate it, depending what it is. Some chronic problems may take a little longer to get rid of, and may potentially need ongoing 'maintenance' treatments.

Why do you take a case history?

It is important to understand past health issues and accidents in your life as they may give me clues to finding out what is wrong with you.

Do I have to undress for a treatment?

It is ideal to look at the whole body rather than just the site of pain, and look for any imbalances or asymmetries. Knowing this will make the treatment more effective. If you don't want to go down to underwear, please bring a vest and shorts. If you are uncomfortable I can work around you in clothing. I will try to make things as comfortable as possible by providing towels to cover you with during the treatment. If you are not comfortable you can bring somebody along.

What benefits can be expected?

After the treatment you should generally feel more mobile and in less pain. Some people feel better straight away, whereas some patients feel a bit sore for 24-48 hours post treatment. This is often part of the healing process.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments will depend on a few factors-
What the problem is;
How long you have had the problem;
Your body response to treatment;
Whether you follow my advice post treatment! This may be related to work, posture or daily activities.

I can assure you that my aim is for you to have as few treatments as possible.

I have health insurance, I am covered?

Yes, most private health care companies will be covered.

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